car id

car id

car id onyx false advertising on shipping Cranbury New Jersey!!. I chose to go with car id to order custom wheels and tire for my car because of having the items in stock ready to ship or at least that’s whta the website said…after placing my order and getting an email confirmin it, i receive another email stating that there is a dely and it will be the 22nd befor they can ship then a 3-5 day ship so i’m looking at almost 2 weeks because they are waiting for the items to be shipped in to them…does this sound like in stock ready to go…after being told this i asked them to cancel my order and was told a 10% restock fee on each item would be charged to me….that is on 4 wheels and 4 tires…how can that be when they didn’ have them in stock…then i said i would refuse delivery and was told i would be charged shipping costs both ways…Oh yeah, they did offer me $ 40 for my trouble…wow…all i asked them to do is to cover the cost of shipping to compensate the delay…THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE PUT OUT OFF BUSINESS

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