Car Mart

Car Mart

Car Mart Car repossessed for complaining about car dying in middle of the intersection Hot Springs Arkansas!!. Leased car on 8/28/15 with $200 down payment. On 9/11/15 I was driving vehicle when the radiator cooling fans stopped working, the air conditioning stopped working, the gas and temperature gauges stopped working and the stereo started going on and off continuously. I contacted Car Mart and was advised to bring car into dealership. Coming through an intersection the car shuts completely off, losing all power. Next morning contacted Car Mart again and they sent a tow truck for the car and took it to the mechanics. Dealer only tells mechanic that car dies in road but nothing about the fans, air, gauges or stereo not functioning. On 9/14/15 go to mechanics to pick up car and mechanic says it was out of gas. I ask why having no gas would make these things quit working and he says he wasn’t informed of those problems. Mechanic says it sounds like the alternator and asked if I could come back the next day so they could check the alternator. Return to mechanics on 9/15/15 and mechanic says there were 2 fuses blown out on the side of the alternator and that is why the car died in the middle of the road. Before leaving mechanics I noticed that the stereo wouldn’t come on at all so returned to the office and they pulled it inside garage to check fuses for stereo. I was informed by mechanic that the stereo wasn’t properly installed and there were numerous wires running un safely through the vehicle. Car Mart contacted me and said I owed them $100 for the towing and service of the car because it was only out of gas. I told them that the mechanic said it was because of the blown fuses therefore I shouldn’t be responsible for the towing and service. The day after retrieving car on 9/17/15 Car Mart came to my home and towed the vehicle away. The associate from Car Mart said they were repossessing the vehicle. When I asked why it was being repossessed she replied that it was because the manager had a feeling that I wouldn’t make my payment on October 1st 2015. I was left without my car and without my money all because I complained about the vehicle not functioning properly.

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