Car-Mart Carthage - Colton

Car-Mart Carthage - Colton

Car-Mart Carthage – Colton Don’t Trust this place for a car Carthage Missouri!!. Do not go there My boyfriend and I regret going there after we had the car for a month and 2 weeks. We started to have problems with it within the 1 week they told us it our problem not theirs. They have a so called warranty that they put on the vehicle. They don’t cover much. The car kept pulling to the left badly (no their problem) We had the check engine light come on we had it put under a machine to find out what could be wrong they told us it was the O2 sensor (again not their problem). We had a 2007 Chevy Aveo cute car suppose to be a gas saver….well it wasn’t we continues to have issues with them badly. They don’t pay the taxes or tag the vehicles so that’s all your responsibility. They claim to have low payments…ha that they thought you should be able to pay taxes on a vehicle that is under $9000 and pay $700 for taxes and tags out of your pocked and they still stiff you with a high payments and get screwed big time. I wouldn’t recommend this place at all because if you do you gotta make sure you have enough money to do all that. And they wouldn’t help us at all. We was using the old tags on our old car and we never done the taxes on that car the whole time we had it. I was getting tired of getting screwed so we went elsewhere for a vehicle that will cover a lot of issues and such. So when we got the new/used vehicle we give the keys back to them they didn’t like that plus he was getting rude to my boyfriend saying they could sue us for us giving them back the car with no tags or taxes on our name. My boyfriend told me he told me he asked if there was anything we need to change and he the manager Colton couldn’t give him a straight answer until I walked inside. then the manager says No your good. Don’t trust anybody at Car-mart they just know how to screw people badly especially when your on the budget.

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