Car Mart of Paragould, AR

Car Mart of Paragould, AR

Car Mart of Paragould, Arkansas underhanded, dishonest, sneaky, rude, demeaning Paragould, Arkansas!!. Purchased vehicle from them using their 0 down payment plan where they will draw your down payment from your tax return. Was told that the down payment amount was marked due at first of month but to ignore as it was not actually due until we get our tax return. They then said our bi-weekly payment would not begin until 2 weeks after that. First of the month rolls around and we have not gotten our taxes back. We receive a call the next day telling us our payment was past due. I went to the office to clarify on the paperwork where it tells us our payments our due. The part they did NOT clarify and make aware to me and another friend who purchased less than a week afterwards, was that the down payment included a bi-weekly payment that still needed to be made. The Gen. Mgr. was very rude and aggravated and started acting as though I was the ignorant one and that she clarifies with all of her customers. We spoke with her for less than 2 mins and spoke with the salesman for over 30. We asked him for clarification of the amounts due and assured us of what we believed to be due. The mgr began saying things like “I am not going to argue about what was said, but this is what is due.” The on top of that, even though we were “late” the bi-weekly payment, they charge a late fee that is based on 10% of what was late. They considered the FULL down payment to be late not the bi-weekly amount. I even pointed out where she had told our friends the exact same thing we were led to believe and she began saying that she is not going to discuss another customer’s account with me. Needless to say I was so angry when I left that I could barely sign the late payment arrangement. STAY AWAY.

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