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Car Max

Car Max Sold car to me with fraudulent disclosure of no accident prior Riverside Ca!!. I bought a 2017 BMW 650 I Convertible that had $8000 of engine work the past few months and was without use for about 4 months as the figured it out at the Duarte store which was due to engine seals failing and the entire cooling system at 56,000 miles. Car Max cancelled my warranty during this and then reinstated it as it was their fault it took a month to reinstate it meanwhile I rented cars and they did not reimburse me of over $1400 as it was not approved and the warranty had cancelled. Then I bought a 09 Mbz 550 SL at Duarte to have a car to drive since BMW was not getting repaired and they could not find the problem of all the white blue smoke blowing out the exhaust. It did it to me constantly when it was warm to my embarrassment then the MBZ they did not disclose on 125 point inspection that the rear tires were bald and the brakes were bad as they re did the rotors twice in a month and when they pulled of the bald tires did not disclose they were dangerous and bald. I found out as the car is low and one canu2019t see the tires well as in the rain going uphill on LA Cienega the car spun out and blew a tire and which I almost got hit by on coming downhill traffic when I ended up over the line and the bottom line is that both cars have been in front end accidents. Not disclosed. They wonu2019t cooperate and I have to retain an attorney. Meanwhile the MBZ was repossessed as they promised me they would credit me with loss of payment use and the rental car reimbursement towards my down payment on the MBZ but they lie on the phone as nothing is in writing for a must needed paper trail for a lawsuit. Plus it is against State civil code Ab 32 to reposess a car with non disclosure of problems at a car sale which makes the contract void. The same will be true when they reposssess the BMW this month as I am fed up two cars in a row Iu2019m not paying a cent more.

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