Car Nation, Middletown CT

Car Nation, Middletown CT

Car Nation, Middletown Connecticut Coaxed me into buying a vehicle as-is, Neglected to tell me of multiple water leaks and additional problems Middletown, Connecticut!!. I purchased a 2004 Red Mustang V6 from Car Nation about 3 or 4 months ago. The dealer had it listed as a pretty steep price with 91k miles. We brought it to a mechanic, who found out that this dealer had drilled two holes in the trunk, presumably to drain water out. He couldn’t find any immediate leaks, and everything else seemed mechanically sound, so we went back to the dealer informed him of the holes in the trunk. He began to frantically rant on about how the mechanic had “no idea what the hell he was talking about”. Anyways, we settled on a price. Before signing the contract, I read it over and found that they had written that the car was to be sold “as is”. NOT ONCE did they verbally mention “as is” beforehand. “Why is this ‘as is’?”, I asked. They said it was the only way we could meet at the price we agreed on. This was a very shady move. He further explained that I would not be receiving a full warranty on this car, again, because “‘That’s the only way they could come down to this price'”. Essentially, they lost no money by lowering the price, since they cut out the warranty. What I also didn’t know is that they were also getting a lemon off their hands. The worst thing about this is that they probably weren’t even expecting me to notice the “as-is”. They never made any effort to let me know about it, and basically tried to pull one over on me. He continued to tell me how “‘cars are bought as-is all the time'”, and “‘this car has no issues, I swear on my life'”. I made a huge mistake here, I was dead set on the car and I purchased it as-is. Fast-forward to now. Every time it rains, I need to wet-vac my car 3 TIMES during the day, and then pray for a sunny day to follow, so I can dry it out before it begins to mold. This has been happening since the day I bought the car, but they cut me out of the warranty, so they won’t do anything about it. There are more leaks in this thing than there are stars in the sky, and the worst part is: It’s not only the convertible top that’s leaking. The weatherstripping is screwed. I get a 4 inch pool of water in my rear passenger-side seat every storm, and a good soaking of both front carpets; the trunk, and the convertible trough. I even get water in places I can’t see. Sometimes I’ll be driving around and hear water sloshing around, and have no idea where it’s coming from. My co-workers jokingly call by car “the pool” because every time they see it, there’s at least a few gallons of water somewhere. Most days I am unable to use the stereo system, because of water dripping on one of the audio cords. I get a loud thumping from my speakers, and have almost blown them out. And to top it all off, the icing on the cake, they sold it to me with a dead battery. They have a lot of d**n nerve to do this. They put a dead battery in the car before I bought it, charged it up real good so I wouldn’t notice. Next day, get up to go to work, car wont start. Took it to the mechanic, who told me this battery was long dead. He said they probably keep a stock of dead batteries to put in cars they sell to save some money, and that it was a common dealer trick. The nerve of these people. There are even more problems with the car, all that the dealer neglected to even mention to me, but as this review is getting lengthy, I’ll stop here. I’m posting here and on every website I can find. Why? Since I was coaxed into buying the car “as is”, I am not covered under the state’s lemon law. Basically, I’m f*cked. The leaks are damaging the electrical components, the carpet is beginning to rot, I’m going to need to patch the holes they made in my trunk before it rusts out. Save yourselves the trouble, and a whole lot of money, stay away from Car Nation. Summary, if this was too long for you: Sold me a car full of holes; massive water leaks. Sold it to me with a dead battery (unbeknownst to me) so they could save $100; coaxed me into buying the car as-is and without warranty; now carpet is rotting, stereo is sometimes unusable, always water somewhere in the car. Stay away, these are not honest people. I feel the need to reiterate: the battery deal was a real slap to the face, and really sums up who the people running Car Nation are.

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