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Car Outlet

Car Outlet Buyer Beware of Car Outlet Waukegan Nationwide!!. Like many shady car companies that guarantee a car for little to no money down and in the long run charge an exorbitant amount. Car Outlet is no exception. Companies like Car Outlet pray on poor, desperate people for a quick and easy buck. Please be aware when purchasing a car from Car Outlet. In all honesty just walk, take a bus take a taxi because in the long run a taxi will be cheaper. I purchased a car here a few years back and thankfully just finished paying it off. They screwed me over with a mediocre,BS insurance that when I needed it, it didn’t cover me and I ended up paying out of pocket. If you can get an insurance elsewhere that is valid and will cover you don’t let Car Outlet screw you over with their phony excuse of an insurance that if you’re already struggling will certainly land you in the poor house. At the time that I bought the car I was desperate to get a car, what a fool I was getting a car from Car Outlet. Let me start with, this car ended up costing me after the crazy interest rate (which the sales person said would be lower, he wrote it on the paper, but it turned out to be much higher, like I said I was a fool.) Started paying in 2018 and after the 4 years of finishing paying off a 2004 (it is now going to be 2017) Chevy Trailblazer cost me $20,000! For a car that is now worth around $2,500. Right away I had problems with the car but roughly after the warranty expired. (At the time there was a 90 day warranty if anything was wrong with the car they could fix it.) -the main lights/beams don’t stay on all the time -the dashboard meters went out and donu2019t work -the fans on the roof donu2019t work -the cooling and heating suck -the cooling and heating setting for the back seats doesnu2019t work -one of the electrical plugs doesnu2019t work and never has -the hatch/rear door doesnu2019t open or close -the back window only closes and opens from time to time – the check engine light always comes on for no reason -the acceleration sucks, always has -the 4WD eventually gave out -they ‘forgot’ to give us the tool needed to get the spare tire so if you need to change the spare your screwed (I guess the Trail Blazer needs a special extension and lug breaker) -the car always has some kind of coolant leak -its rusted like crazy underneath, always has been but time has made it worse -this rusting caused the freaking tire to just randomly fall off completely one day and were waiting for the others to fall any day because of the rust even though we repaired as much as we could -this has also caused the uneven wear of the tires I just want to let people know that if you can just save up the money and honestly just buy a car from craigslist for a couple thousand dollars, you will be better off then buying from a sleazy business like Car Outlet. Please learn from my foolishness/experience and shop. elsewhere

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