Car outlet Waukegan

Car outlet Waukegan

Car outlet Waukegan The worst experience I ever had. Waukegan Illinois!!. So I was in need of a reliable car my friend told me that he knows a dealership that usually helps people out in my situation with bad credit. So I gave in and decided to drive from Milwaukee Wi to Waukegan iL when I first got inside they ran my credit and approved me and my trade in they showed me my options I wasn’t to impressed but was in need of a car so I chose a 2016 Chevy Malibu I test drove it and felt a little shake while I was driving the car so I told them about it and they said they will fix it to schedule a appointment with the mechanic. I followed threw with that but the same night when I made it back to Milwaukee the check engine light came on as well as the oil light the car would shake constantly when going around 60 mph I then called and told them about that problem. I had to now drive the car all the way back to Waukegan on a Tuesday morning called every half hour to a hour to check on the car and was told it wouldn’t be done for a day or maybe two I kept calling and now it wouldn’t be done till Friday evening so in the mean time I was asking if they could go half with me on a rental car or let me use one of the other cars and they told me no that has nothing to do with them . Now the first day I went they wanted a $1000 down payment I gave them $500 and said in two weeks I will give them the other $500 but after the problems with the car and not sure what was going on I didn’t feel comfortable giving them the other $500 that Friday I picked up the car who is to know if they fixed anything or just reset the battery? Also when I went to pick up the car nobody mentioned it or said anything to me about the rest of the money I thought they understood that I was paying a rental and gas back and fourth to work and to pick up the lemon they sold me I then get a call this past Friday saying my car is up for repo it hasn’t even been 30 days I had the car wasn’t able to make a first car payment or anything and they came and took the car I spoke to a manager and said I’m trying to work with you guys I want to make my payments and I don’t want this to effect me in a negative way can you please help me his exact words are sorry in this case there is no help. So know I am out of my original car I traded in plus the $500 I put down as well as the car I got from them and they will not help me out. At this moment I’m not sure how to go about this

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