Car Part Clinic

Car Part Clinic

Car Part Clinic Sold me an engine and did not produce product keeps giving me the run around out over $5,500 Houston Texas!!. Do not purchase parts from this company, they do not have a warehouse as they show on there website. If you live in the Houston area. Please drive by the address they show as it is not there. There is no warehouse full of the parts that they show. No part lined up, nothing but a PO box. Nothing! I spent over $5,500 for an engine and got nothing but 5 delivery dates and broken promises. It was this faul it was that, we are honest, blah blah, blah. They do not deliver, they do not call you back. If you want to throw away your money then this is the place. Fraud, lies, deciet. They will take your money and then make you promises, only to continue to break them. It have been since December 3rd of last year. And still nothing. John the owner now says the engine I ordered is real rare. I found one in less than 30 seconds looking on the internet. He is a liar and a thief.

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