Car Shop Leicester Ltd

Car Shop Leicester Ltd

Car Shop Leicester Ltd Justin L John Sold un-roadworthy car, verbally abusive and threatening on the phone Leicester Nationwide!!. Purchased a Citroen C2 1.4 HDI Auto from this car sales, on day of purchase had to fill up with diesel, as the tank was empty. Upon finishing filling up, diesel started pouring out the bottom of the car. Drove straight back to the car sales only to be told, “You probably overfilled it”, by this time the diesel has stopped leaking. Continued our journey home to Portsmouth, 100 miles into our journey the engine management light came on and when closer to home the gearbox started making noises. Due to going on holiday that evening, we couldn’t do anything about these problems. On returning from holiday 5 days later, my partner started up the car and as he went to pull away, the car had no power, eventually the turbo kicked in and the car seemed to be ok. The following day I had the same problems with lack of power, I contacted my local Citroen dealer who recommended they do diagnostics. The car was booked in for the following day, they found a fault with the EGR valve and on test driving the car, said they would need to dismantle the gearbox to see what was noise was. Citroen garage recommended returning the car for a refund and didn’t think the car should have passed an MOT with these problems. MOT was done 23 June 2013, with 1 advisory. I emailed the Citroen report to the car sales, the next day my partner telephoned the car sales asking for a refund. He was informed that if we wanted to reject the car we would need to send a letter recorded delivery. Letter was sent the same day and signed for the following morning. We left it 2 days and made contact via telephone only to be informed that Justin John (director) could not authorised a refund and to call back on 12 July when the owner Eric Carter would be back from holiday. We contacted them on 12 July to be informed that Eric Carter wasn’t in the office yet and he would call when he was, 3 days later and numerous calls, we finally managed to speak to Eric Carter. Eric Carter would not give me a straight answer about refund or exchange and hung up on me. I called him back and he hung up again after I said the car was a pile of s**t. Justin John did say the EGR valve would be covered on the warrant and not to worry, it would get sorted out. As it turned out the warrant wasnu2019t worth the piece of paper it was written on. All the problems with the car are not covered on the warrant. I made contacted with VOSA to appeal against the MOT, I informed the car sales to this fact. On 17 July VOSA re-examined the car and found 3 failures and 10 advisory items. Only 1 of these advisory items was picked up on the original MOT. VOSA have subsequently refused the MOT. I sent another letter including the VOSA report, rejecting the car for a refund for the 2nd time, which was signed for the next day. In the opinion of VOSA the car is too dangerous to drive and the problems should have been picked up on the original MOT. The MOT station is now under investigation by VOSA. Further calls to the car sales resulted in Justin John being verbally abusive, telling us to “F off and take them to court as we had got VOSA involved. Justine John also called us liars and said that if we wanted a refund why lie about the problems with the car and just ask for a refund. The fact we had sent 2 letters recorded delivery asking for a refund didn’t seem to help. Trading Standards and Leicester Police have been informed of the problems I have encountered with this garage. Companies House shows Car Shop Leicester Ltd have changed company name 3 times this year, the direct Justin John has resigned twice and there is no mention of an Eric Carter. They also have recently changed company address. Looks like they might be on the move from 391 Abbey Lane, Leicester to 184 Catherine Street, Leicester. DO NOT USE THIS CAR SALES, THEY SELL UNROADWORTHY CARS WITH DODGY MOT’S, THEY ARE VERBALLY ABUSIVE, THREATENING AND WILL CALL YOU LIARS.

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