Mislabeled Part, Internet!!. I ordered an ECT sensor from them, what arrived was not an ECT sensor. It took two phone calls, and a lot of arguing, to get them to accept a return. During the first phone call, I asked to speak to a manager, and the lady handed me some BS, the manager was very busy and couldn’t talk on the phone but had just enough free time to confirm that my return would be denied. The second time I called, a new lady repeatedly tried to blame me for ordering the wrong part, she even went on to list the reasons why my return would be denied. Finally, she agreed to accept my return, but they will not cover any costs of shipping. At the end of the day, if they ever actually give me a refund, I’m going to lose 15$ in shipping for a 30$ part. In Summary, Their Argument: -The part they sent was the part that was in the picture -I did wait longer than 30 days to return My argument: -The part was mislabeled; the box, the confirmation email, and the name of the part ALL say ECT Sensor (it isn’t). -Yes, I did wait more than 30 days, but so what? I actually ‘trusted’ them (I know, I’m an idiot right?) -I didn’t know what the part looked like until after I took my car apart and it didn’t fit, and they were very polite in not caring at all about wasting hours of my time.

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April Pepper

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Car Parts Depot

Car Parts Depot racing guys Sent wrong part and won’t accept return as promised by sending return label. City of Industry,!

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ACE Rent a Car

ACE Rent a Car Don’t Rent from ACE. They will rip you off. Orlando Florida!!. DON’T RENT FROM ACE!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR!