Car Toys - Willowbrook

Car Toys - Willowbrook

Car Toys – Willowbrook Deplorable substandard customer service Houston, Texas!!. My wife and I took our Chevy to this place right before Christmas and wanted to install a new radio in this car. You would think that this would be an easy job for them. well little did we know, we went through litteraly the worst customer experience we’ve had in over 20 years. Here are the details: 1) They first told me that the car would be done within a maximum of 2 hours 2) My two young daughters (ages 7 & 8) worked around their store and shopped for close to 2,5 hours and when we came back our car had not moved. I was explained that there had been some type of miscommunication between their back shop and their front desk and that noone had touch or checked our car. 3) They had me and my two yound daughters wait another 3 hours in their store (while they would take other clients that were spending a lot more money than we were). 4) Within 24 hours, we realized that they had indeed intalled our new radio but our A/C system was no longer working. 5) It took us two to three weeks to have another “appointment”. It was on January 10th and I was told that they would need our car for up to 4 hours (this one of an appointment). Because January 10th is my birthday and we because we had family plans for this evening, I took our car back at 12 noon and specifically explain to their new manager, Kevin, that I could not wait longer than 4 hours. 6) Kevin called us at…5pm and anounced me that something had happened (I found out later that no one actually really new how to do the job) and that my car would be ready by 8pm at the latest. 7) We rearranged my birthday celebration around this time and when I went to get my car at 8:00 pm, kevin kept telling me that it would take five more minutes, than 5 more, than 5 more 8) At 8:30, I asked for our car back and noone would bring it. I went to the back of their shop and saw two gentlemen obviously not knowing what they were doing and far from being done – All screws were seating on the floor and they were having some difficult time to put everything back in place. 9) I decided to take my car and just leave. Since, the radio is still under our passenger’s seat, cables are all over the place and the A/C is not worlking properly (in the middle of the winter). I called Kevin and explain h9im that they had kept our car for a total of 15 hours and that the job had not be done. I also explained him that I work with this car and having it blocked in their store meant being off work for 15 hours. I demanded that we receive a full refund of the amount we pay (a little over $100). At this point, I had lost so much hourly pay. I thought this would only be fair. I also asked that our car be worked on early in the morning and before any other client. Kevin had the nerve of telling me that he would pay us back $50.00 for this ordeal. Every time I went to this store, I also witnessed other clients complaining about the service they had received and how they had been misguided by their employees (often ignorant). Avoid this place at all cost.

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