Car & Truck Depot of Arizona

Car & Truck Depot of Arizona

Car & Truck Depot of Arizona misrepresented car; sold as a certified pre-owned; refused to remedy situation Phoenix Arizona!!. We bought a BMW X5 from this dealership. They represented the car as a certified pre-owned, and indicated to us that all service work was up to date and completed. Upon test drive, the “check brake” light was on. We asked the co-owner who was in the car with us at the time, who assured us that it must be because they forgot to reset the code. He said the brakes had just been done, along with any other service work the car needed. After 2 weeks of having the car, we got an “engine malfunction” light. We lived 200 miles away from the dealership whom we purchased it from, and 150 miles away from a BMW dealership. Therefore, we brought it to a local mechanic who specialized in European cars. He advised us at that time that the car needed brakes immediately, and that the cyclinders needed to be replaced. When we advised him that we just purchased the car as a certified pre-owned, he stated to us that he didn’t even think it was legal to sell a car with brakes that were that worn. We contacted the dealership where we purchased the car, and they said they would rectify the situation, only they wanted us to bring the car to them (over 200 miles away). When we finally got it arranged, they changed their mind, and said that we could have it fixed locally, but that we just needed to supply them an estimate of cost. When we submitted the estimate, they then changed their mind again, and advised us that they would only pay for a portion of the repairs. Because the brakes were so unsafe, we chose to take that offer. Within weeks of fixing the brakes, we drove our car to a BMW dealership in Las Vegas to have everything looked over. The amount of repairs were insane. They said that this car had not ever been brought in by Car & Truck Depot of Arizona, and was definitely never a certified pre-owned car. Because BMW has a great warranty, most of the repairs the car needed wer covered. In addition, they advised us that the brakes would have been covered too. So to sum it up, we paid over $1000 to have brakes re-done that we were advised had just been re-done. In addition, this dealership sold this car as a certified pre-owned, which was a blatant lie. It was only through the grace of the BMW warranty that we were able to get most of the repairs needed. But we are still out the $1000 to pay for the cost of brakes that they misrepresented to us from day one. We only chose to pay the money because we have children, and were advised that the car was unsafe to drive. When we contacted this dealership with our findings, they basically just laughed at us and made no apologies for their lies and misrepresentations.

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