Car Wash USA Express

Car Wash USA Express

Rarely have I encountered a business that cares so little about its customer’s satisfaction.The only reason that my wife and I have taken our cars there is convenience — it is the closest car wash to our home. However, we have both had very bad experiences dealing with them. In terms of quality of car washing, they are poor. If are willing to accept their shoddy service without complaint, then everything will go smoothly for you. However, if you make any complaint, they turn hostile, accusatory, and refuse to do anything to accommodate your concerns. For instance, I recently brought my car in and paid for their best wash — “The Ultimate.” As it was going through the automated wash, I noticed that there was no soap at the initial wash phase. I immediately told the cashier and he told me to tell the manager at the end if my car wasn’t clean. | After they were done, I looked at my vehicle and it was still filthy. I told the manager what I had observed and his response was “I don’t believe you.” Yes, he actually called me a liar to my face! I then asked him if he could run it through the wash again. He refused and just walked away. I will never go there again.

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  1. Merri Atkins
    June 16, 2020

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