Car-x Fairview heights

Car-x Fairview heights

Car-x Fairview heights Brian Keturakis Franchise owner needs customer service skills and anger management belleville , Illinois!!. Went to car-x in fairview heights to have my tires rotated on my vehicle. I have over sized rims and tires so they told me there would be an additional charge for the larger rims and tires totally $21. I was called into the repair bay to be informed when they took off my lug nuts they broke 2 lug bolts. I asked who is responsible for paying for this since they broke them. I was told I was responsible for parts and labor. I have 8 lugs total on my vehicle, I was told I could “just drive on the 6 and deal with it” I have a 6 month old son so being the responsible father i told them to fix it. I received the bill for $67.64 and was told they broke 3RD ONE AS WELL!!I asked if the franchise owner would give me a call. I received a call from Brian Keturakis the franchise owner. He was emiditally on the definssive. I told him the situition and toold him I dont feel as if I should have been charged for them breaking off the lug bolts. He completely gave me the run around giving me complete BS examples of what happened and how he felt they were in the right. !st of all, all the examples he gave were nowhere colse to what my situition had to do with. Pretty much it was his way or the highway and he could care less what I had to say. I then told him I would just contact the BBB. Dear lord someone needs anger managment classes I found out after presenting that to him. Long story short I was the one who had to end the conversation by hanging up after the verbal assult I recieved from Mr Keturakis. He wanted to keep fighting and fighting which was getting nowhere. After doing further research on the internet about his car-x locations and his midas locations I found multiple complaints about himself and his business ethics. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT shop with car-x or Midas! You’ve been warned!

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