Carbiz Russ Tzvetanov, Danni Miller Manager wrecked our car Essex Maryland!!. u200bHello, My name is Nathaniel B. My wife, Amanda and I had a terrible experience with Carbiz car dealership on Friday July 22, 2019 and have been unable to get a satisfactory resolution. I recently received an preapproval from Capital One to purchase a vehicle from Carbiz. Since my wife really likes the Honda Crosstour which is no longer manufactured by Honda, we looked on Carbiz’s website and found one that met her likes, wants and needs. We scheduled a test drive for this past Friday and drove to the dealership from our home in Essex, MD. We met our salesperson, Ms. Danni Miller who went over the terms of the vehicle we were interested in purchasing and took us for a test drive. Prior to going for the test drive, we advised her that we would be trading in our 2008 Honda Civic EX-L and she asked for the keys so as to get the car appraised. She left us for about 10-15 minutes and came back with the keys to the Crosstour and told us that they would be able to pay off our trade which has a balance of $4300.00. She said that they could have offered more if the vehicle didn’t have an accident in its history, to which we were comfortable with as my wife stated that the car had been in an accident in 2011. We went on the test drive and both my wife and I really liked the Crosstour and were very much interested in buying it. We came back to the dealership and started going over numbers for the monthly payment of the Crosstour. Amanda stated that she would like to keep the payment in the $400 range. Danni left us again but this time for a longer period of time and when she came back, she visibly looked uncomfortable and asked us if we’d consider “taking the trade-in out of the deal” and buying the Crosstour. I told her that it made no sense for us to come into the dealership with 2 car payments (the Civic and a truck I own) and leave with 3 payments. She then stated that her manager said the car “doesn’t drive right”. Amanda asked her, “what do you mean it doesn’t drive right, we just had the car inspected and it drives fine.” We’d drive all the way to the dealership from Essex and had no issues with our car. Danni again stated that her manager said that it “doesn’t drive right”. We decided not to buy the car and as we left out of the dealership, before we even got to our car, we saw that someone had driven it and gotten into an accident with it. We arrived at Carbiz about 6pm and I parked at the end of the building near the service department. I parked head-in in the parking space under 3 video cameras. When we left the dealership around 7:30, our car had been driven by someone at the dealership and backed into the same parking space and the front left bumper had visible physical damage to it as though someone had run into a wall or something as it had fresh powder-like paint on it. We immediately went back into the dealership and spoke with Danni and advised her that someone had gotten into an accident with our car and she told us that her manager had driven our car. She went to get him and while we waited, a caucasian employee (bald) came and asked us what was wrong and we told him and he stated, “don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you hanging”. The manager, a gentleman named, Russ Tzvetanov came and introduced himself to us and stated that he’d driven our car. He walked back out to the parking lot with us where we showed him the damage to our car. He at this time became belligerent and hostile and stated that we got the “powder” on the car, speaking of the paint from the damage, when we were driving to the dealership. He said they have cameras and he’d look at the video to prove that he didn’t cause the damage. We went back inside with him and he continued his hostile rant about our car having been damaged when we brought it there but was unable at the time to pull up the video. Amanda said she was calling the police which she did and we went outside to wait, she went back into the dealership while we were waiting for the police and said that the employees were viewing video footage and when she went to view it with them, they told her she couldn’t see it because she wasn’t allowed in a “restricted area”. We waited outside for the police and 2 Baltimore City Police officers arrived from the Northwest Police Precinct in marked 2 vehicles,(tag# BC3034 and tag# BC2721) Officer Krautkremer and and African-American Officer whose last name starts with the letter E badge #1641 responded. One of the officers was wearing a body camera. We told the officers what happened and the officers went inside to talk to the employees. We were told by the officers that the cameras directly above the parking space where I parked “mysteriously weren’t working” but the lot cameras show where I drove the car into the lot when we initially arrived around 6pm and there was not damage to our car. We’ve called our insurance company and our attorney Eugene Shapiro. When we drove our car home Friday, the car pulls to the right as a result of the damaged caused to it while in the possession of Carbiz employees.

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