Bait and Switch – Watch Out!!! South Hero, Vermont,!!. I was having some issues with my car, so I went to CARCOMPLAINTS.COM, to see if there was anyone else experiencing a sudden failure of headlights on their 07 Prius. The minute i opened this web site, I received a pop up window, with a, “Live Internet Technician,” who asked me for the year, make, and model of my car. I proceeded to explain that both my low-beams, and high beams suddenly went out this morning. I asked the live technician, if thre was other complaints about complete headlight failure. The Technician offered to transfer me to an actual mechanic, BUT I would first need to pay $5.00. I then went through their website, with a fine tooth comb, to see if they had disclosed this fee. NO WHERE on the website, is there any disclaimer, that, you must pay a fee, if you want to spek with a mechanic. This is clearly a scam, and a waste of my time. I WOULD have paid the $5.00 had Car Complaints revealed the $5.00 fee up front. is run by a company called Autobeef, (, who also owns over 50 other websites, such as, and, do not pay these people $5.00. It is clearly a bait and switch scheme! Do you really want to give your credit card number, to a company that doesnt divulge their pricing?

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