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Purchased cocktail, end and sofa table for 888$ at cardis, total came to 932.40. Along with a brand new couch, 3 piece sectional on november 1 2008. It has not even been two years, and my couch is losing its structure. Sinks in and creeks. Feet which are wood have chipped. I have only moved once, and there was no hard handling at all. The tables were sent to me defective. I never noticed or cared to complain about it, since at the time I was not using them… For at least a year. They were stored at my apartment, but I was living else where. The apartment was vacant. When I moved out of my boyfriends and moved into my new apartment, nov 15 2009, I became really annoyed with the way the tops of the tables were loose. These are glass tables that have a silver base. The bottom of the base is where the tables are defectives. I finally found some time and called cardis on august 17 since I knew I had the extended warranty which I paid 185$ for. I figured I would call have a couch cleaning as well as have a tech come out to repair the tables. The tech came out on august 28th (7 days after I called), did whatever he did to “fix” them, and when he left, not even an hour later, they were loose again. Also, no call from the cleaning company to schedule an appt. Which was brought up the second time I called to have the tech come out again to fix the tables on sept 13. They arrived on sept 22nd (8 days later). That tech was much more friendly and more talkative as to explaining the problem. The tables were not put together correctly and washers were not installed in the table, causing the screws to loosen up. I have been contacting cardis since then regarding my furniture. I spent over 2 grand at the age of 22, so I spent alot of my saved money up for my first set of furniture and expected that buying it at cardis, I would have quality furniture and it would last for years. I have noc ochildren and no pets, and knew that my furniture would be taken care of since there is not alot of wear. Finally got to a customer service manager, joanne and her resolution was to give me an in store credit. Mind you, the tables that I purchased two years ago, are no longer available. Hmmm I wonder why? I have been to cardis the past two weeks, twice now, and I have found the majority of couches, and tables to be the exact same from two years ago. Poor quality and complaints on the same item, they shouldnt keep selling it, in my opionion. I have an in store credit of 943.50 for furniture and taxes. Honestly, I have been shopping two days at three different cardis, and have found absolutly nothing of good qaulity. I finally settled on a three peice glassware set, that only comes to about 650 with taxes. But they are stating that they will not refund me cash. Everything is so expensive there, and of not good sturdy quality, I dont want to waste any more time looking, and having to deal with more defects of future furniture. If I known that this would have been a hassle, I would have gone to bobs, or somewhere else much closer to me. I have missed two days from work for the techs to come out, and taking time out of my schedule to go look at furniture im not satisfied with… Which is 45 mins away from my house. I am looking for a full refund for the merchandise, so I can be satisfied at another furniture store.

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