CareSource Insurance

CareSource Insurance

CareSource Insurance coverage was purchased through the marketplace at a set monthly amount, but each month they said i owed more and more so they could cancel. Cincinnati Ohio!!. I purchased coverage in Jan 2016, the first year they were great. Till they realized I have a rare Genetic Lung disorder called Alpha 1 Antitrypsin and it cost $15,000 per month for infusion treatments. Jan 2019 I renewed with them, because I had a standing script with them they had to honor it till Jan 2019. my specialty pharmacy called on Jan 4 for approval to ship my meds,and was informed my pharmaceutical coverage was on a probationary period and could not be approved. I called the same day to make my share of the premium which was $547.80, I was told I owe $1040 when I questioned it, No one could give me a strait answer as to why. I continued to call 9 more times that month speaking to two supervisors each time it went up. By the 23rd of the same month I owed $1600.They told me on the 10th they had added Feb premium on there also by that time I had received my statement for Feb but it was not due till Feb 2nd.I tried numerous times during my 9 calls on the phone with them for over a hr at a time trying to straiten it out. I offered numerous times to pay Jan premium and pay Feb on Feb 1. They continuously refused saying I had to pay all of it. Well I am a college graduate and last time I checked $547.80 + $547.80=$1095.60. Not $1600. On Jan 29th I received a letter stating I had till Feb 28th to pay Jan, Feb and March premium or they were going to cancel. Meantime I have had No infusions for 6 weeks, and I get them every week. Obama care rules are you can not be denied coverage but they can cancel you by doing things like this. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE, Check there web page, they had 777 complaints last year and 317 were from providers. It was in the local Dayton Daily news. There also horrible to get approval from for anything, most Doctors don’t take them and they want you to go through all kinds of other steps before they will approve the treatment your Doctor has ask for. STAY AWAY

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