Purchased a report that said it only would be one dollar and then they charged me $18.95 for a monthly service fee that I did not authorize or agree to. There was nothing on the web page that indicated that by purchasing the $1 report that I was signing up for a monthly auto reporting service. A TOTAL SCAM!!!! Plus, the report showed bogus information and half the information wasn’t there. Delaware!!. I went online to look for information pertaining to a recent insurance claim and a car that was used as a “Comparible” from the insurance company. When I could not find one of the vehicles I decided to do an online search for information pertaining to car sales in Texas. The CarHistory.US.Org website popped up and I did a preliminary search. When the site stated that I could purchase a report for just one dollar I accepted. Since I’ve been scammed before on internet purchases I took screen-shots of the pages to I could document the “Fine Print” in the web page. There was no fine print and I provided my PayPal card information. After some glitzy pauses in the transaction screen telling me about the great information that I was about to receive from the purchase of my report, I was dissapointed when the report actually appeared in my browser. Over half of the information wasn’t provided and the most crucial information (what the car is worth) was NOT provided. I used the CHAT session for the company and notified them that the information was missing and that much of the information appeared to be just “Filler” information not pertaining to the car. I was told by the customer service rep that she could not help me – – – but that her manager would and he would be providing me with the “Correct” vehicle information within the half hour. So, about 30 minutes later I received a message that I should use Experian’s car reporting service since couldn’t get me the information that I was looking for. The manager also stated that I would be receiving a refund for my $1 purchase. I get email notices from PayPal for any purchases and I noticed the $1 purchase for the report (a complete waste of money and time) but I also noticed another $18.95 charge from this same company. I called the number on my PayPal transaction and a customer service rep (CSR) answered the phone. I had notified the CSR that I paid the $1 for my report, but that I had not authorized the $18.95 charge and I wanted to dispute the charge as I did not authorize it. The CSR informed me that I signed up for the monthly service plan when I submitted my $1. charge. I stated to the CSR that nowhere on the website did it say ANYWHERE that I was signing up for a monthly reporting program and I also let her know that I also took a screen-shot at the time of purchase to validate my claims that there was NOTHING stating that I was signing up for the plan. The CSR seemed very familiar with my situation which led me to believe that this happens a great deal. So, the CSR stated that she was cancelling my account and she gave me a confirmation number which seemed to have been made up out of thin air. I then asked her to validate and verify that my $18.95 would be refunded to me. She then stated that she would process the $18.95 refund and gave me a confirmation number. I then informed the CSR about why I would have to ask for my refund considering the conversation that we had that the company had used deceptive and fradulant business practices in regards to their additional charges to me. She basically ignored me by asking if there was anything else that she could do for me. I should have gone to Ripoff Scams first to check on this company before granting them my credit card information. I am going to be calling and corresponding with the Attorney General of the State of Nevada (where the credit card shows the charge originated) to STOP THIS FRADULENT COMPANY ONCE AN FOR ALL.

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