Carhop Sold lemon with tampered ignition Saint Cloud Minnesota!!. I knew going into the deal I was purchasing a used vehicle. I had been previously driving a 2007 Chevy colbalt. They suggested cash instead of trade in. I bought colbalt for $500 never had a problem with it. Sold it to my boss for his daughter to drive for $500. Bought a 2016 Chevy HHR from carhop. You would think I upgraded? Nope. I havenu2019t even made my 3rd payment and itu2019s not drivable. Nothing is covered under warranty. Figures. Forced to continue to make payments on a nonoperating vehicle. Missed the payment because I got paid over weekend. DISABLED MY IGNITION. I was NEVER informed they had that ability upon purchasing the car!!!! And then they sent a letter stating if Iu2019m late again they can repossess with no warning??!!! I would have NEVER purchased the car if I knew those were stipulations. So after making the late payment I was all caught up, went to go to work the following day. WONT START. I refuse to bring it to one of “theiru201d shops. Iu2019ve had a friend mechanic look at it and say itu2019s definetly the fact that ignition has been tampered with that is causing the issues. But I want to bring it in to a third party shop and have it inspected and if itu2019s the ignition disabled I fully intend to sue. The saddest part of this is Iu2019m worried thereu2019s nothing I can do. Iu2019m worried lawyers are more worried about protecting companies like carhop and not hard working low income people like myself.

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