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These people really ripped me off, they sold me a lemon, lasted 6 hours and 30 miles. I called the dealer and told them it was having problems, they told me keep driving. The car broke down and crashed, almost hurt me and called serious damage. The manager “D andrade” only showed interest in my insurance claim number because my insurance offer $5500 blue book value for the car. He tried to sell me another car and told me I would own the balance on the first one. I just received my license plates yesterday, they continue to process registration having knowledge the vehicle in inoperable. I really wish I could tow the car back to their doorstep. | Please, whatever you do, do not deal with these charlatans. Everything they say about warranty and guarantee is hyperbolic language to get you to buy crap cars. They are just trying to make a quick buck regardless if someone gets hurt. If someone were to inspect their inventory I guarantee they will find at least half dozen cars with warning lights on dash board.

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  1. Florencia Steerman
    June 16, 2020

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