CarKart Complaint

Buyer beware. This is a chop shop plain and simple. Ordered some carbon fiber wrap for my vehicle interior. The wrap they sent looked nothing like the pictures displayed on google or their site, and in fact nothing like carbon fiber. I called the customer service number on the website and got someone from india who barely spoke english and was utterly useless in helping me find a solution. After the 20% “restocking fee” + return shipping + my time, its going to be cheaper to eat the cost than to return it.

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Pavilion Place Apartments – IMT Residential

Pavilion Place won’t run your application for an apt. rental unless you give them a deposit first. Then if they reject the

all makes

all makes parts plus they failed to deliver a part that i bought from them and they will not refund my money back fontana, California!!.

Amerivest Companies LLC Brian Palmer from Romeo Michigan

Amerivest Companies LLC / Brian Palmer from Romeo Michigan Brian P. Palmer of Romeo Michigan. Amerivest Companies LLC Amerivest Limited

Hi, We got an e-mail in response to a query to Newsweek magazine regarding account access. The e-mail contained a link (below) that, when

Chaz Dean Studio Complaint

A month ago I called them because they charged my account for product that I had previously told them I did not want. They told me that

Aall Tech Transmissions

Aall Tech Transmissions Perry Sahota, Bill Sidhu Fraudulent Transmission Repair Service Burnaby!!. I had transmission problems with my.