carlab-design-tuning Sells items on eBay they dont even have! Made mistake when company was out of stock and couldn’t order my item! BUSTED!!!. I purchased an item from the eBay user “carlab-design-tuning”. Two weeks later I messaged the seller asking where my item was because I did not receieve it yet. They explained to me they were out of stock and would be in production in a week. (Keep in mind, this item was listed on eBay as they had them available to ship right away) A week later I again had to message them back wondering if it was sent..I received a message back wondering if I wanted to order it through Amazon? Bottom line is, this eBayer sells items on eBay they dont even have! BEWARE! Furthermore, when I left negative feedback with them on Ebay I received a message threatening me that “I hope we never meet on the streert” After doing a little more research on this loser, come to find out hes located in Zefat, Israel but item was suppose to be sent from New Jersey in the US! If your going to SCAM at least make sure the company your buying the item from (3rd party) has them in stock!!!

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  1. David
    August 21, 2020

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