Carlin Auto James Quais Sidiqi

Carlin Auto James Quais Sidiqi

Carlin Auto James (Quais Sidiqi Fraud /Lies Do not trust them. Sold me a vehicle knowing that it was something wrong with it but told me it’s a great vehicle and dependable. They are a bunch of crooks.When you sign the contract they have it where you signing all your rights away. Each one have a roll that they play like it’s rehearsed.I spend over $12,000 on this vehicle. Then they give you a warranty that’s not worth the paper it was written on. Stafford Virginia!!. Stay away professional crooks. Told me that they were going to detail the vehicle while I do the paperwork. I didn’t know that was part of there plan so I wouldn’t ask to test drive the vehicle. They had it for 1hr and a half and when they gave it to me ,it was dripping with water and was not detailed. Then the salesman said, “OH our detailed person is not in today “, So when I got in it and left the transmission shifted hard going to second gear.I then gave James a call and that’s when he told me, ooh we put new pressure plates in .you have to drive it 500 miles so they can seat itself. I told James he didnt tell me he had some work done . Didnt give me any paperwork on it .That didn’t sound right .I called my mechanic and he told me it sounds like the transmission. I went back to Car line auto on a couple days later. That’s when he told me he’s going to give me an extended warranty. Found out it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. Call the warranty company vehicle is not registered but he told me that he talked to the warranty company and they said they would take care of everything. That was another not trust or believe nothing they tell you have them put it in writing. Do Not Sign All That Paper Work. You can’t take them to court. You have to get you a lawyer and take them to Arbitration. Don’t sign that.

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