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I am a psychotherapist. I have experience in working with children, teens, adults and families. I enjoy providing guidance to individuals seeking improvement in their daily life functioning as well as enhancing personal growth and self awareness. I enjoy working with individuals struggling with anxiety and depression. I can assist in helping the individual determine underlying factors to negative feelings and then provide the individual with the coping skills, tools, and strategies to navigate these challenges. I understand that utilizing healthy coping skills takes practice, therefore it is important to practice these newly learned coping skills in sessions in order to increase confidence.I have worked with teens and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse issues. I have counseled adolescents in various issues such as self esteem, bullying, conflict resolution, social skills, anger, emotional regulation, self harming, healthy relationships, and academic stressors.I utilize various treatment modalities in my approach to working with individuals. I understand that what may work for one person may not for another, therefore I am flexible in my treatment approach to ensure it suits the individuals’ specific needs. I also incorporate mindfulness and a solution-focused approach into my treatment.

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