Megan Bladow Lucky Bladow A living nightmare of lies, confusion, half truths, and abuse Fergus Falls Minnesota!!. My dealings with these people are summed up with the title I have given this. If I could turn back time and never have had anything to do with them I would in a heartbeat. This is the worst experience I have ever in my life had in buying a car. I would not send my worst enemy to them to buy anything period. I think if you were to buy a vehicle and come back a day later with some minor thing like bulb burned out, they may be pleasant, visibly not like it, but be pleasant, but still give you a myriad of excuses how it can’t be fixed right now but come back in a day or three. You would probably eventually get it fixed. Maybe. Anything they promise pre-purchase is an out and out lie, they will tell you anything to get you to buy. It needs to be in writing and signed. If you think there is any honor in this place you are sadly mistaken. However if you were to have something major, it would be nothing but excuses and putting you off, soon that would devolve into rudeness, thinly hidden anger, but you might get it done. But should you have something major, like maybe over $20, and if your really unlucky more, save yourself the misery, you will face what I did, hence the title I have given this complaint. I have never been subjected to the level of deceitfullness, anger, lies, abuse and even stupidity that was this experience. I was upset, worried, felt threatened and distraught for days afterwards. Believe me I am being mild here. There is nothing they could ever do to rectify this matter and its the furthest thing from their minds I am sure. Interestingly I add that this couple who are owners, he seems to use her last name, he is of mid-eastern discent I am sure and goes by just “Lucky”, so his real name is a mystery. They seem to have some history in Nebraska and a past in shipping, whether that be cars in other areas or what I do not know. But be warned and don’t go near them. Stay away period, I am having to post this as anonymous and still don’t feel safe.

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