CarMax Henderson NV

CarMax Henderson NV

CarMax Henderson NV Himilated, embarrassed, lied, and unprofessional Henderson Nevada!!. This dealership is completely unprofessional .. They have made it out to me that I am a criminal … I went in to purchase a car and was approved .. Went in two days later because I needed to collect some documents .. I was already approved for the car 3 days ago and had no problems .. I come in 3 days later and fly in on a plane with my children and wait for 4 hours just to be lied to say on they are waiting for a fax and then a phone call and come to find out the have called the police on me saying my DL is not correct and invalid .. Police approach me and ask me questions in front of my young children .. The police then said nothing is wrong and not sure why they were called … So not only was I wrongly accused of being a criminal but my dignity has been emotionally snatched from me .. Then a manager approaches me several minutes later and tells me, because of the discrempancy we are no longer going to push through with the deal .. Seriously after nothing was wrong and everything cleared and no apology how unprofessional and rude and disgusting behavior and I will not tolerate it … And not only did I have expenses with air flights but also was marked as a criminal which I am not .. So I highly recommend no one ever do business with these awful people .. And spread the word …

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