CarMonkeys,, Car Monkeys Ripoff, Horrible expereince, Scam Wyckoff New Jersey!!. I recently ordered a used motor from CarMonkeys for a 1998 S-10. I paid almost $1200 for the motor plus another $185 for residential shipping. When the motor arrived it was caked in mud and dirt, had bent pulleys, etc. Overall it looked horrible and there is no way I could or would accept it or trust that it would actually run once I installed it, keep in mind you only have 30 days to return it. It honestly looked like it had been set outside on the ground for a couple of years before being shipped. You can find these motors from $300 to $800 almost anywhere, I ordered from CarMonkeys because they offered a 5 warranty on parts and said the motor was in u201cgood running conditionu201d. That is not what I received, not even close. When I called about the motor and told them I would not accept it, I then got hit with over $500 in charges to return it. So basically, once all is said and done, I just paid $500+ for nothing but a horrible experience. Their customer service did not care, said it was my fault for not accepting it (the very first thing they said) and I should have known that it would not be “perfect” since it was an old motor. I never asked for u201cperfectu201d nor did I expect it. But I did expect u201cgood running conditionu201d, not the condition it was in. Admittedly I got a little upset on the phone after being told it was my fault, but seriously? For $1200 you would expect a little better than what I received. Keep in mind before you buy that if you receive a POS then it will be your fault and you will still end up paying a large amount of money while ending up with nothing.

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