Carnes motors

Carnes motors

Carnes motors They repo my vehicle for no reason Houston Texas!!. Problem: I went to carnes motors to purchase a vehicle. I spoke to salesman luis on the amount I would need due to my credit is bad and as of this past year my daughter was diagnosed with cancer and her treatment became a priority so inco wise we are limited. Luis told me I would only need $1500 down and that it would be in house payments of $250 every 15th and 30th of the month.i gave Luis $500 down to hold s white ford fusion 2014. When I gave luis the money I asked if they would fix the side mirror and he said yes. A week from that I was able to come up with the rest by selling some household items. As I went back and gave luis the rest $1000.00 he tells me I needed to come up with $1300 more for title and taxes on the ford fusion. I explained to luis how hard it was to come up with $1000 I said it would be close to impossible to come up with $1300 luis said no worries we can work with you. I started to pick up overtime but was not enough for the half payment of $650.00. I called luis and ask if possible to take a different vehicle cheaper as I could not come up with the 650. He said no worries just bring whatever you can we will work with you. I went to make a payment of $200. And Elizabeth told me they couldn’t take that little bit of money . I said I talk to luis and that he said it would be ok and that they would work with me . Then she said it would be ok as there was a misunderstanding She then gave me a receipt stating that as of November 30th I would have to pay $1100. I said thank you for understanding and I will have the payment. Yesterday 11/20/2018 I receive a call from Gustavo stating I would need to add my husband to my insurance. I told Gustavo he has his own why would I need to add him to mines. I already accommodated to paying more on my insurance to accommodate there 500 deductible which brought my insurance up to $655. A month and now to add a 3rd person would bring me up to $720 a month. This is not fair to me as anything that would happen to the vehicle I would be responsible for. I stated yesterday to Elizabeth that I’ve been lied to from the beginning of this purchase that I would like to bring the vehicle back tomorrow when I fly back home and we left it at that. Today i have been trying to communicate via text messages to Luis asking him for further information on the vehicle as the vehicle looks like it was used as a rental car because of the marking on the dash I received no strait answer. I then spoke to Elizabeth asking her the same question her answer was she did not need to share that information to me .I then said that as a customer i was entitled to that information. She then said instead of putting you on hold can i call you back i said yes that i was getting ready to board my flight. I called her back 20min later and she did not share any information and said by the way we towed your car . I said why ??? So you mean to tell me I’m left on foot when I fly back she said I guess so . I was so upset I hung up the phone. My husband called back and asked why they repo my car and Elizabeth stated because of lack of payment. At this point I’m so confused is this even legal? Also the car was taken twice to pass inspection and faild twice according to the guys that detail the cars they told my husband. I ask luis about that and he stated dont worry it passed if anything we will let you know. Again lie after lie. I need help advise anything.

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