469-606-5170 Not live up to what they are selling, waste people’s time. A SCAM Nationwide, but based in Southern, CA Nationwide!!. I don’t know if it’s a scam, but it’s definitely a rip off. I put my 2005 Toyota RaV 4 for sale on Craigs list.. the Kelly BlueBook for a car like mine in “good” condition is 8500 or so trade in, 9700 or so person to person, 13000 if sold by a dealer. My car is in excellent condition. I listed for $9500, expecting to get less.. but still felt it was a reasonable starting point considering that even that price was less than the Bluebook value.. (IN LOS ANGELES, I had offers for that, but I had decided to keep it and drive it to NY and sell it from here.. bad move if you really want to sell a car for a good price, but I wasn’t sure I really wanted to sell it.) Any how, they called and left me a msg, and I called back, out of curiosity. The guy on the phone said it would take 2 minutes and that i would receive an offer by p hone or text in less than 24 hours. 2 weeks later, I had no offer. It took weeks, and many many many phone calls and hours of my time , as in the end they wanted detailed pics of every nook, cranny , and corner of the car inside and out. (About 20 pictures… all exactly as they ask.) .. and I still had to call back and harrass them to receive an offer. NOw, keep in mind, I’ve had people walk down the street and offer me $7000 cash for the car, right then and there, even though they had no idea I was actually considering selling it in the first place. (NO for sale sign, as you’ll get a ticket for that here.) … And, they offered me $2500!???? That is a total insult to anyone with 1/8th of a brain and an insult to my time and energy! As if it’s a piece of 20 year old junk that doesn’t even run, when it’s in PERFECT condition inside and out.. and, in fact, so good, that even a Toyota Dealership and many other mechanics have told me that It would be foolish to sell such a car for even $8500! Ps. I’ve seen adds, in my area, just in the last week, of other Toyota RAV 4’s which are older, in bad condition, and with many more miles in dealerships for $14,000!!! Don’t waste your time even just for kicks.. they are a joke.

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