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We all want to connect; to feel we belong and are understood, valued and accepted for who we are. Often, how we protect ourselves from our own vulnerabilities keeps us from allowing others to know who we really are. So we hide our tender hearts and limit our true selves, for fear of being hurt (and feeling even more disconnected). However, in doing so, we live “small;” our lives are diminished, unsatisfying, and hopeless. Wouldn’t you rather live in truth? Do you want to step into your fullest self and bring that full self into every relationship you have?The therapy I offer is unique in that it not only helps you remember who you really are, but it also helps you take action to really change your life. Couples relate more intimately; individuals find more meaning; all step into a deeper, more authentic and joyful experience of life. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have a deep understanding of the dynamics of all relationships, particularly intimate ones. Whether you are seeking individual or couples counseling, your relationships offer you opportunities to grow and develop the life you desire; I can help you navigate through the stuck places.

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