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This is without a doubt the most bizarre experience I have ever had in business transaction. On their website they displayed Hella halogen headlights. Hella is the oem headlight in BMW, Mercedes, etc.. A German company with a world class reputation. I needed a replacement for one of the Hella lights on my car. From I ordered the 7′ H4 halogen headlight under the hella column, the order approximated $55 dollars, a good price. I few days later I recieved a 7′ ‘delta’ brand headlight from a company in California..A good approximation of what I ordered and paid for, but different in appearance, beam dispersion and profile..Why would I want two dissimiar headlights on my classic mercedes ?? After rechecking my order, I contacted…the customer rep insisted with the resoluteness of a N. Korean propagandist that I had recieved a genuine Hella product.. She would not be detered in her insistance that they had sent a Hella part…Funny the packaging and product don’t say hella anywhere…not to mention country or origin..The Hella product has the distinctive hella logo and ‘made in Germany’ everywhere.. They ‘kindly’ were going to ‘allow’ me to return it with a 15% restocking charge…and I pay shipping. Remember I had the genuine product to compare with ! Heres a quote from a email ‘The part number, as you are able to verify is a HELLA part number 01-1149-14. Going further, you are able to return the item for a full refund, as we are not going to have any other HELLA headlamps for your vehicle’ This is the reply I recieved when I basicly demanded they send me what I ordered and paid for ! Thats the right part number for the genuine hella product and the delta product I recieved…I checked the hella website and they have nothing called delta. Over 2dozen emails back and forth trying to convince me that up was down and black was white..Remember that customer rep that would’nt let a guy cancel his AOL.?? get the picture. They kept insisting ceaslessly that I had a genuine Hella product..Why didn’t it say Hella ??? Fake parts and soviet-era customer service…caveat emptor. I saved every e-mail for posterety…might make a good episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’!

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