Sold defective products and does not offer a refund San Diego, California!!. I placed an order for a particular part that was promised to match my vehicle as stated on the company website The part did not work and I am being refused a refund. I received the part and checked the invoice to be sure the part was correct before I attempted any installation. The parts “appear” identical on the outside. My car is driveable with the old part but was throwing an error code. I replaced the old part with the new part, reset the ICU and the car could not hold idle and was not driveable. I placed the old part back inside and the car is driveable again. I did this twice in the unlikely event that I missed something. As an experienced mechanic, I did not miss anything. When I removed the new part and compared it to the part that was already in my car, the outside appear the same but the inside is significantly different. In fact, the output port leading to the manifold is also different. This is an incorrect/defective/nonfunctional/worthless part. I have since purchased a part from the dealer and the car works fine. I want a refund for the amount of this part and the expressed shipping. I have attempted to make resolution to no avail and have all communication transcripts available. They only offer store credit/warranty replacement on a defective part; however, this item was misrepresented. They offered to upgrade to the original manufacturer part for an additional $90; thinking about it, I am not sending them any more money because the OEM part they send may be bogus as well.

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