Carports Complaint

Beware This Company! Doing business as, and also TNT carports, this company will make you promises, take your money, and then not deliver and ignore you. They were very responsive to all my inquiries during the sales process. The moment I gave my down payments, it all changed. I received the drawings after giving my down payment, but needed a signature from the contractor in order to file my permit – several weeks of emails and phone calls got us several promises but no actual signature. I was promised delivery and installation before the winter, but couldn’t get a response from the scheduling people. Seven weeks later after multiple calls and emails I finally got Courtney, the scheduling person, on the phone. She proceeded to tell me I missed the deadline for before winter delivery, and how behind the installation people were because of the weather. When I told her I had documentation from the sales person that I had met the deadline, she offered to transfer me to the sales manager. I explained the situation to Fidel Martinez, the sales manager, including the fact that I was over $1000 into the site prep and permitting, all because I was promised delivery before the winter. He promised to “have my back’ and speak to scheduling immediately and get back to me. Two days later after not hearing back and leaving messages, I got Courtney from scheduling on the phone, who told me she had never heard anything from the sales manger, and then transferred me to his voicemail. I left him another message. The next day I called and spoke with Kim, the customer service manager, and explained the situation. She promised to speak with Courtney and Fidel and have someone get back to me. Of course, no one did. The next morning I called and left a message for both Kim and Fidel telling them that I wanted the courtesy of a return call to let me know the situation by noon, or I would consider that I was the victim of fraud. At 12:30p, I filed a complaint with my credit card company to get my deposit back. Around 3pm Fidel left me message to call him, which I did, got his voicemail, gave him my home and cell phone number, and of course, never heard back. There were any number of ways they could have handled this to resolve things, starting with acknowledging that they had made an error, and trying to make it right. Instead they lied, delayed and hoped I would just go away.

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