WARNING! Watch out for these bait and switch defrauders. I entered an agreement to rent an FCAR (Nissan Altima of similar) for $54.65 plus taxes to be paid at the vendor as confirmed by the on 8/10/17 at 3:42 pm. The email promised a followup booking confirmation and voucher by subsequent email. It was expensive for a 12-hour rental in Seattle, but I was booking last minute, I needed a particularly large 4-door car because I was coming off a cruise with much luggage, and it seemed to be the best deal I could get. Having placed the order, I stopped shopping. The confirmation did not arrive until over six hours later at 9:45 p.m., and it changed the car to a two-door ECAR (Ford Fiesta or similar) and, as I later learned when calling the card issuer, changed the price to $85.50. | As soon as I saw the email, I sent a reply explaining that this was unacceptable and asking them to fix the mistake. According to the mail handler automated server at Google, as reported at 10:40 pm, the email address displayed on their reservation doesn’t exist and has no such user. I next spent an hour on the phone from a Starbucks in Victoria, BC because I assumed it was some inadvertent screw-up, and we could resolve it amicably. One of the support phone numbers on their web site isn’t set up, and the other put me on a looped musical hold for an hour while my wife got more and more pissed off that we were missing our only visit ever to BC. As soon as I returned to the boat, at 11:59 p.m., I sent an email to their prescribed reservations email rejecting their modified offer. Of course, it, too, bounced rather instantly. I called in a chargeback from my credit card provider, but they couldn’t take the chargeback until the actual charge came through, presumably because the merchant might abandon their charge once they caught up on the paperwork. processed the charge for $85.50, and it is now in dispute. I needed to reserve a replacement FCAR, and, last minute, by using Budget’s web site, I was charged about $130. I’m told if I went to the desk, it would have been over $200. AFAIC, my contracts professor in law school taught me that owes me the difference between $54.65 and $130, plus, since this is a pattern of consumer fraud, treble damages and attorneys fees. I am seriously considering a class action to shut these defrauders down, but my case alone is hardly worth the time. | Avoid them. It is plain that they don’t have cars at the time they contract to rent them, and the prices they advertise as final and contractual are figments of their imaginations. Of course, they are lower.

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