Carrio Motor Cars

Carrio Motor Cars

Carrio Motor Cars Complete Misrepresentation, lies, and false promises Lauderdale Lakes Florida!!. First of all, if I had I read ALL reviews and BBB complaints, I wouldn’t have purchased a vehicle sight unseen from this company, if at all. I did my diligence but trusted this “licensed” individual’s responses to my direct questions.I have purchased over 30+ cars sight unseen over the years without extreme and significant issues as this purchase, and I know the diligence required to assure no surprises and a fair transaction. The only factor that cannot be tested is intended deceit. Jacob uses confidence statements and diversion so that he doesn’t have to answer the question truthfully and directly. Most damning is his comment that “the car was traded in from a friend of the family” however I was able to later learn that it hit his lot at the same time it was sold at a local auction in damaged condition. It was obviously repaired off the Carfax grid.Also, he clearly wants to transact off of Ebay for his protection, as well, will not respond to email and texts and pressures to talk about it over the phone. Even when I stated that I want to keep an email trail, which he then simply won’t respond.He answers the phone/email/text within seconds every time during the deal, however once the money is wired to him, he does not answer your calls, texts, or emails (unless you call from an unrecognized number, then he answers first ring) then he plays ignorant and makes false promises to get you off the phone. On several occasions he committed to making resolution and even stated that he would just take the car back due to the extent of the undisclosed issues. None of this occurred, he just went silent.I did my diligence, but he goes defensive to turn it around to benefit him. He posted that the car was in “excellent condition” with a “clean carfax” so I asked specific questions to go deeper that were not answered honestly or at all using diversion or confidence. (I have plenty of emails/texts I’m glad to share)He also twists my conversation points such as my comment “older, low mileage cars not wanting to sit” and “requesting a warranty.” As I explained to him, these were qualifying statements about book values to verify his described condition, and this was NOT a blank check for him to not disclose and pass along (when asked) any existing issues, but rather regarding future issues. Clearly he did just that to benefit his defense.Another issue that I find unscrupulous, I paid the dealer (Carrio) $750 to deliver my car, and on the day of delivery and only miles away, his carrier contacted me and told me that if I did not pay them upon delivery, they would not deliver my car and would return it. Of course, Jacob would not take my calls and it took threatening voicemails to Jacob to get this resolved so that his vendor would deliver my car, of which I signed a delivery invoice for $500. Of course there was no title so the car could not be driven until again, I had to make threatening calls to get a title to me in a reasonable amout of time.I no longer expect that anything will come of this to my benefit as promised, however I believe it is important for future consumers and regulating forces to know about this to prevent it from happening again to others. I bought a $10k car that was in my budget that came with over $12k in needed UNDISCLOSED patent (obvious/visible) repairs before I could ever sell it again to get my original $10k back. I made it clear from the first conversation that this was to be a 25th anniversary present to my wife and it needed to be without issues so as not to ruin the gesture and I was assured it was a “clean south Florida car.” Again, in all of my internet purchases, never have I dealt with someone so unscrupulous and heartless. Now you will hear from them how I was a fault, because this is how you handle an unhappy customer. If he would have only taken the car back, this would not have been posted.

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