Cars 4 Causes

Cars 4 Causes

The car was purchaed in 2015 via Ebay, I had to fight with them to obtain information about the sale due to the fact that they are encrouging and allowing scammers left and right. They don’t want any of the information saved so that there is a chance to hold them liable. | my Dignatee tried several times to get a hold of someone at Cars4Causes. she had no luck, she then tried to go the the Attorney General of California, there was a letter sent from the AGO’s office at one point giving the most basic contact information to my designatee she rached out to Pat Jessup. Who instructed her to email her and then they would go from there. | She exsplained that she wasn’t the owner. that I am, Pat failed to listen. She sent a check in the amount of $3050, refusing to pay back the fake stoage fee that they had attempted to charge. They also refused to return the ‘processing fee amount of $149? or $169. My deginatee pointed this out, Pat got very nasty, and started making threats. As a result, Pat issued the check in the designatee’s name not my own. The result was neighter of us where able to cash the check. Now I am still waiting on the correct check for the correct amount to be issued in the Owner’s name. | I did make another attempt to contact Calinfonia’s AGO again. I had a rude letter sent back stating that if someone didn’t pay me that I should contact the police. I fail to see how that will work, because we all know that it won’t. How ever I question not only the person that responded on behalf of the AGO of California but also those not addressing the theft that they have committed. I am happy to re-try with an attorney. I belive I have a good case. The result is I am out the funds and my account with my priamary back has been closed as a direct result of Pat Jessup and her fraudulent 501(C) orginzation. A Google search shows that several AGO’s have sued Cars4Causes and won!!! But there are other victims out there. I even question if they have the car in their posession when they attempted to sell it to my business and me. | I also will need a letter from Cars4Causes because the vehicle was listed as an asset of my business there for the IRS will have some questions I am sure. And I will need clear answers. | I will also need to be reembursed for the parking fee that was paid. To keep it is theft, I exspect that Pat Jessup did this to other car purcahser’s the question is just how many? And how often.

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