Cars and Credit

Cars and Credit

Cars and Credit COMPANY SELLING BAD CARS AND KNOWES IT Jonesboro Georgia!!. I purchased a car 2 to 3 years ago. I purchased my car in the month of Aug and my birthday is in December, when it was time to get my tag the car wouldn’t pass emission, I called the company and spoke to the manger RJ he refered me to their service dept and I was instructed to give them my vin number. I assume they put my car info in the system and someone later called me back and told me i can go and get my tag. At 1st I didn’t understand. When the net year came I took my car to a auto shop and found out all the sensors are bad, to get it fixed cost more than the car is worth. These SCAM ARTISTS at this company knowes what they are doing. Someone needs to do something about this. I’m on board to be included in a LAW SUIT against these crooks. If someone has looked into a class action suit or someone has a private atty i’m on board to help your case and I can prove what i’m saying. Just reply to my mess and I will contact you. Lets put these crooks to rest and at least get some of our money back.

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Casey Ditmore, Alpha Cellular Trading

Casey Ditmore, Alpha Cellular Trading Pretended to be a cellular wholesaler and request bank wire transfer Dallas Texas!!. Casey Ditmore

brenda warne

Car Shop Leicester Ltd Justin L John leicester Leicestershire United Kingdom!!. Another victim of Justin L John @ car shop leicester abbey

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Brake Max…What a Rip Off ! tucson Az!!. We took our 1993 Chrysler Town & Country van in to Brake Max for an estimate ( the

Bartolini Finance

Bartolini Finance Dba CNAC akasBartolini Finance Corporation aka Edward Bartolini Company has filed a Writ of Garnishment and Summons on

John M (713-370-9332)

This company called several times back to back then left a nasty voicemail. He stated that I had a payday loan I didn’t pay back.

123 Auto Rental

123 Auto Rental Double Billing and refusing to credit for their mistakes, rude and condasending employees miami, Florida!!. I reserved and