Cars & Credit Mater

Cars & Credit Mater

Cars & Credit Mater Deceptive Practices to sell you a LEMON Garland Texas!!. I read the reviews and wished I could say I had the same experience. I will say yes, the staff and sales person were very friendly, but who wouldn’t be when they are trying to get your business and sell you a big purchase such as a car. It was after I purchased the car when I did not feel that I was treated with the same respect. I do not have very good credit, and that is on me. I am going through a divorce and needed a vehicle I could get around in and had enough room for my kids and I (when they were with me). I found, online, two cars I was interested in. Both were Pontiac G6s. Online one of them advertised leather seats. On the phone, I explained that I felt the cars were a bit over priced and the sales person said “were not going to lose a sale over price”. So I went down to the lot. When I got there, both vehicles had cloth. this was not a big deal as that is not my deciding factor. I did my research before I got there and found both cars to be priced above both fair market and resale values. The most they were willing to negotiate off the price was $500.00. Although I was not happy with this, I chose to purchase a car anyway as I really needed one. I drove off the lot and the next day immediately started having problems. I took the car back and the sales person drove it. He admitted he felt the “jerking” and would have his mechanic look at it. about 20 minutes later, they brought the car back and I was told they could find nothing wrong. I went home and continued to have the same problem. I e-mailed the sales person and initially did not get a reply. It was not until I made a complaint online that I received a call and the sales person became very defensive and was pretty unprofessional. Over the weekend, the transmission went out in the car. I emailed the sales person and its been about 4 hours with no response. I’ve only had the vehicle since October and I am now stuck without a vehicle at all. All I can say is think before using a “tote-the-note” lot. And understand that all these 5 star reviews may not be 100% truthful as I was told that if I wrote 3 good reviews, on Facebook, Google, and another site, I would get free oil changes. This was the worst mistake I have ever made, other than destroying my credit.

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