cars for cash

cars for cash

cars for cash sellsman told me that car i chose had a salvage title, but said the car was rebuilt meaning everything was pretty much new. but the car breaks down within 3 weeks & come to find out it’s the transmission! Corpus Christi Texas!!. Cars for cash in corpus christi tx sells good people nothing but LEMONS! Do not buy from this dealership!! I put my last $3,000 into buying a 02 Chrysler PT Cruiser from these people. My sellmans did tell me that the car had a salvage title, but he also stated that the car was rebuilt; meaning everything was pretty much new in it. So because of him telling me that I went ahead & purchased the vehicle. Within 3 weeks the car broke down on me & my family. (I didn’t even get a chance to pick up my licences plates!) Had to have it towed to a shop to find out what was wrong with it. Come to find out, it was the transmission! Now I’m stuck with a bill of $2,500(that I don’t have)to get it fixed! I call the dealership to tell them what happened. I spoke with my sellsman that sold me the vehicle, & asked why would he tell me the vehicle was re-built & that everything was pretty much new in it? & he tells me he didn’t say that! But mind u that’s the reason why I purchased the car! We kind of get into it over the phone & he hangs up on me! Couple of days later I speak with the manager over the phone. I tell him about his sellsman telling me the car was rebuilt. & he tells tells me that his sellsman wouldn’t say that! We start to argue & I tell him yes, my boyfriend & I clearly heard him say it, that’s the whole reason we purchased the vehicle! & He continues to argue with me saying he didn’t hear his sellsman tell me that! I tell him well of course you didn’t because you weren’t around when he LIED to us! I tell him I’m getting a lawyer & he hangs up on me!! These people come off as nice & trust worthy when you purchase a vehicle from them, but the moment it breaksdown they don’t care not one bit! This place should be shut down! I’m very upset with the service I received from these people!

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