Cars & Trucks Atlanta LLC

Cars & Trucks Atlanta LLC

Cars & Trucks Atlanta LLC Cars 4 U Now, Amir Bazli, I was Sold a 1999 Mercedes ML320 but was told it was a 2000. My bill of sale has a different vin # than the car’s. I can not tag, insure, register the car which broke down the day I purchased it. Stone Mountain GA!!. I purchased a 2000 Mercedes ML 320 from a used car dealership on May 20th, 2018. I called from an ad posted on Craigslist disguised as an individual seller. The guy on the phone gave me the address to come look at the car. The address was 4985 Memorial Dr. Stone Mountain, GA 300083. Google maps took me to a vacant lot next to the dealership where this incident occurred. I called back and asked for the address again and still 4985, not 4975. I then asked, are you a dealership? He said yes. I said there is no 4985 Memorial Dr. to which he apologized and gave the 4975 address. The car in my possession is not the car listed on my Bill of Sale. The car they actually sold me is a blue 1999 Mercedes ML320. My bill of sale lists a vin # for a 2000 Mercedes ML320. I made 5 attempts to get a refund. On the 6th attempt, I brought the police. The owner promised the officers when they called, (he was at an auction) to show up the following day to refund my money. He showed up with a new contract for me to sign with the 1999 Mercedes and it’s correct vin. When I said I didn’t buy a 1999, he said well you’re out of luck then. Good luck with the title! You donu2019t even have legal proof that you purchased it. Then they stole my temporary tag before I left. I paid $3000 in cash and he charged my cc $525 without my permission. He gave me 2 days to bring Tax, Tag and title but said he needed to have cc # just in case I didnu2019t come to pay it. That total was only $293.25. He charged my credit card an addition $525. This brings the total to $3525. The vin # mistake was not a typo. There is no 2000 Mercedes on their lot. So how he produced a passed GA emissions certificate for a car he does not own and is not even registered in our state, is beyond me. After learning about the vin switch, I searched the car and found under the passengeru2019s seat, in a locked box, several other Mercedes vin #u2019s with all of the different owneru2019s information. Registration receipts, service receipts, Insurance papers, emissions tests, and tag receipts for Mercedes from 1999-2001. The vehicleu2019s check engine light came on about a mile from the dealership the day I purchased it. The mechanic I had inspect the car, believes it was in a fire or that the catalytic converter caught fire and it was put out with a fire extinguisher. There is white residue everywhere under the car. The Catalytic Converter was also JB welded in several places for a temporary u201ctest driveu201d fix. Within a week the heat and pressure unsealed the patched holes and the car sounded like a lawn mower. The ac stopped working (bad air compressor), the battery and alternator died, the stepper motor / HVAC actuator broke, and even the radio stopped working all within a week of purchase. It is inoperable and can never be titled, tagged, insured, or driven legally. The transaction took place at 4975 Memorial Dr Stone Mountain, GA 30083 at Cars 4 U Now. They, Cars & Trucks Atlanta, LLC / Amir Bazli, claimed they were merging with Cars 4 U Now. Cars & Trucks Atlanta is the company name on my Bill Of Sale. The principal address listed on the Secretary of State for them is 807 Atlanta Hwy Cumming, GA 30040. The Bill of Sale has 135 Mansell Place Suite 410 Roswell, GA 30076. The GA Dept of Revenue on the temporary tag (that they stole) has 4255 Trotters Way Ste 6-A Alpharetta, GA 30004.The registered Agentu2019s address on Secretary of State is 11020 Abbotts Station Dr Duluth, GA 30097. That is Amir Bazliu2019s home address. The address listed on is 11950 Jones Bridge Rd Suite 105 Duluth, Ga 30097. The listed address on my unauthorized cc transaction is the 807 Atlanta Hwy address. I took pics of the vin #u2019s on most of the Mercedes they had on their lot. When they saw what I was doing, they freaked out and physically pushed me away from the cars and threatened to kill me. A week after my last attempt with the police to resolve the issue, the salesman texted and begged me to come up and talk. I asked why, and he replied that they wanted to find a resolution. I said there is no reason to talk, nothing to negotiate. Full refund deposited into my account is the only option. He hung up. The next day another employee texted me claiming Amir, the owner wanted to resolve it and again begged me to come in. I told him to have Amir call me and he never did. The following day, Angel, the salesman, called and apologized. He wanted to take care of this; could I please come in? Again, I said there is nothing to discuss. If you have my money, I will come in. But Iu2019m not going to have my time and gas wasted again for you to just laugh and ridicule me and then threaten me. His reply was, u201cwhy you gotta be such a demanding ugly b****?u201d I hung up. I have not received any more calls or texts. All of the certified demand letters have been returned. is no longer a working website. It comes up as a security warning. (Your connection is not private. Attackers may be trying to steal your information from They do have that is active. They also have no current ads listed on Craigslist. I have been checking Craigslist every week trying to see if they posted any other addresses or phone numbers. They normally have at least 15 ads with 15 different cell numbers. But not even one by either Cars & Trucks Atlanta or Cars $ U now.

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