CarScouts Leasing

CarScouts Leasing

This business requires a large deposit, and tells you it will be applied to the car lease. But that is a lie. THEY KEEP YOUR MONEY. NONE OF IT APPLIES TO THE LEASE! They get the price reduced using dealer incentives and promotional giveaways that are widely advertised and fully available to the general public. Then they claim the price reduction is your deposit money applied. But take a look at the lease contract, and guess what. None of your money is credited to the lease. | When this happened to me, I asked the salesperson at the dealership and the finance manager where my $1500 went. They said no money was given to them on my behalf. So, I called Amanda at Carscouts, who made this arrangement. Amanda told me my deposit was for a dealer drive off fee. But the dealer reps had already told me the truth. I demanded a refund. I was ignored. I gave back the vehicle to the dealership within the 5 days they allow a return, and there were no charges for that. So I wrote the owner, who goes by the name Duke Ardini, but that is not his real name. I demanded a refund, but he did not reply. I called Amanda, and she said I was entitled to a refund, especially since I didn’t even keep the car, and she said she told the owner to refund me. But that didn’t happen. I called the store, and talked to some guy who asked for my zip code because, he said, would have to do with when I would get my refund. That made no sense, and I could hear some other guy laughing in the background, so I ended the wasted phone call. | In the end, American Express Resolution Department is investigating and will charge back this money stolen from me. If you or anyone you know has been cheated by these slimy thieves, then call your credit card company. You can charge back for up to 2 years. The bottom line is I never authorized payment for anything but a lease deposit, and since that money was not used for that purpose, they must give it back. To those who wrote flowery reviews of a great experience, I say read your lease contracts. If there is no credit to the Capilized Cost Reduction of your money, it is because these crooks kept it. Get your money back, but do it fast, because Carscouts may not be in business for long. | Lawsuits have been filed against the parent company The Roman Arms Auto Group and Nerses Arutunyan, aka Duke Ardini and I am filing formal complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the office of the Attorney General and Consumer Affairs. These scammers must be stopped.

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