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We contacted Cars For Sale and they had a special in advertising. $99 for the 90 days and $99 a month after that. You could call within 90 days to cancel and it would only be the intial $99. We called in less than 60 days to cancel the subscription. They have it logged in there system and we spoke with Mathew Melliam. He stated he was going to tweak it some to see if that would help but he would notate that we called to cancel. We called a 2nd time and told him to make sure he canceled it and he stated the he would make some more changes. We told him to just cancel it. Our credit card was charged for a 2nd time. I called and spoke with Grant who saw the notations and agreed we should be given a refund. He sent an email to his boss to get our $99 refunded. After 3 days of waiting he called and said it was declined. They never had any intentions of canceling it. Thats why this company wants a credit card up front. I never authorized a 2nd charge. *** Stay away from this company**** The money is not worth it and they will take advantage of you.

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  1. Caron Erp
    June 16, 2020

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