Carsport Bad Battery, liars, thiefs, dishonest, angry, rude, terrible Katy Texas!!. These people are thiefs. I had the worst run in with them and you can bet this is the one rare time I will bring a lawyer into the issue. I bought a battery for my Porche four or so months ago. Last week the car started to have trouble starting. We had already been unhappy with their service so we went to the dealership to see what the issue was. We had a complete diagnostic done, also has some routine maintenance, but the issue was indeed the battery. So we called Carsport to let them know we needed a new battery(it is supposed to be under warranty ) When it was time to pick it up they claimed to have put a brand new battery, but claimed it did not fix the problem because it was the starter. We argued over it. We took the car directly to the Porche dealership for a new diagnostic but could not get one because the battery was so dead. After the dealership was able to get the car running, they were able to conclude that the issue was an absolute dead battery, my starter is fine. These people are liars and theifs and should be stayed away from. While I am sure it will not be long before this is deleted, I will how ever make sure this is on every review and will pass the word to anyone who will listen so that this does not happen to anyone else. This has been such a nightmare. It is too bad though, had they not been crooked, they may have had a lasting costumer.

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