Carsure Jason Ingold Administor I had a steering problem with my truck. They came out and inspected the work needed to be done. They declined the payment, I had to pay 4300$ for the repairs. Colorado Springs Colorado!!. My truck went to a dealerrship in which they “Carsure”, requested me to do so. After the dealership inspected the problem. I called the extended warranty company. A week later they arrived and said the policy I have doesn’t cover the repairs. Even though when we were sold the policy by Jason reassured that the warranty cover the entire vehicle. Everything from A-Z. So after they inspected the vehicle they denied the claim. WE were put in to a situation where we had to fork out $4300 for the repairs. So I ask what does the policy cover, he replied ” it cover everything else”. On another occasion my window module was out and they denied the claim, AGAIN. Don’t get this policy. WE have paid out 2400$ for this policy which covers nothing. We feel we were taken advantage off because we are disabled and in need of an extended warranty. My email address is [email protected] my name is Ryan Carson.

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