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So, after sitting through the 90 minute (3 hour) presentation for our promotional vacation, and dealing with decent people, we were able to book our vacation date. Keep in mind, that it requires much attention and mailing of forms back and forth, as well as $95. I am sure it is made as difficult as possible so that most don”t complete the process. After having completed all the processes, we received a call from “B”. Lets just say that this was a person that I wish I would never have talked to. Basically, this person is a high pressure sales person that gets angry when one doesn”t “upgrade”. The conversation started with no hello, or hi, or any greeting that any self respectable human being would start a conversation with, let alone someone that actually works for a company, or at least shows up and collects a paycheck. I found myself doing the greeting and laughing and trying to be nice. After about 5 minutes of not agreeing to upgrade, the conversation went south. This “person” if you would call them that, seriously got angry that I wouldn”t agree to upgrade, and began to (between the lines) label me a fool because I was refusing to upgrade. My review in a nutshell: 1) First contact, presentation etc. – Professional and pleasant people. 2) Booking of travel date – Long and tedious. Mailing of forms back and forth, hoping that they don”t get lost in mail system, as well as $95 booking fee. Fine. 3) Day of travel date booking and contact with customer servi… no, sorry, I cant say it… booking agent – Very high pressure and extremely rude. Overall opinion – Due to the complete and utter rudeness of this person, I would not purchase a vacation club membership from this company if it were the last place on earth to spend money and I had a dying wish to spend some on my day of death. I hope for this company”s” sake, they rid themselves of the infestation of these types of people that stoop so low as to call themselves customer service representatives, or even worse, human beings. At least take away their phones so they have absolutely no means of having any contact with possible customers, as they obviously haven”t developed communication skills past those of cave people.

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  1. Merlene Pautz
    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020

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