cascade auto group

cascade auto group

cascade auto group chris bird service manager refused to back up their work klamath falls, Oregon!!. I bought a new subaru and per contract took my car to the dealer service center and had all my oil changes done by them also I asked them to check my tire becouse it was going flat . When I went in and had my oil changed this time Iasked that my tire be checked again when my car was returned they said everything was alright. later I took a friend to bend oregon and as i was getting off highway 97 my dash lights came on the friend I was taking home derected me to the subrau dealer in bend when we arrived I told them that all my dash ights just came on and to see what the problem was. they came to me asked when I had the oil changed I told them the dealer in klamath had done it with in the month they said the oil plug was missing and their was no oil in the car I told them to get the service manager in klamath when he was told what happened he said they were not responceable that it had been to long and to many miles on my car and refused to except that it was their fault also my tire went flat and ruined my tire and they were not to blame for the tire the thing with a subrau when one tire goes bad you have to replace all the tires becouse of the all wheel drive and you can throw the balance off and ruien the rear end.

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