Cash America

Cash America

Cash America -James Anderson, Sr. Loan Advisor This was a very smooth scam; I fowarded $120 and received a call from James Anderson that TransUnion had frozen the funds. Internet!!. I applied for a loan on line and received a call from Sean who told me my application for the loan was approved for the loan. He provided me with the approval code 210022 he ased me to contact the Senior Loan Officer James Anderson @ 9177459034. James Anderson told me the minum amount was $1,000 for ten months $112 per month for ten months. He told me I would have to agree to the legal conditions $112 due monthly on the 29th of each month. to pay a $47 penalty if the loan is late and $120 because they had loaned money and people do not repay; they change phone numbers and close their accounts. I purchased a moneypak from Walmart to pay the fee. I was told the money would be in my account in oine hour, but I received a call from James Anderson stating he had received an email from trans union and they froze the money. He told me they wanted me to bring my cretit score up by sending another $498 in 15 minutes so that I could get the loan; he then told me I was approved for $1,820. I explained I had no money, I asked for a refund and was told if I cancelled the loan I would loose the $120. I needed confirmation I was approved for the loan, I was able to get him to email me with the information. However, I was told I will not get my deposit refunded to me if I do not pay the $498. I received several calls after this conversation asking me to come up with $250 half of the amount. He asked if I could pay it when I get paid again, and I told him no. The best thing to do is clos the account before my next pay day. Life is full of lessons and this has been an eye opener for me.

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