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I downloaded the “Cash App” through the Google play store which at first glance listed positive reviews. I sent my son 3 money transactions, he received 1, so I tried to locate a telephone number for customer service, support, anyone or anything that could help tell me where my other 2 money transactions had gone, all I could find was an anonymous email. I sent them an email several days ago for help and apparently my email is MIA just like my money!! After doing further research, apparently this company has done this to a multitude of unwary consumers. To add insult to injury, Google play store should have vetted or done due diligence regarding this website/ web developer before allowing them to post their business on the play store site allowing this business to dupe innocent consumers, instead of protecting their customers from this shady and unethical business. BEWARE OF THE CASH APP….. unless you want your money to go MIA and then not be able to get any help from the company to find out where your money is or went to!!

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  1. Numbers Bourn
    June 16, 2020

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